Shocking! 120 Hours of Power-cuts in Bangalore: What is the Solution?

It is sad and shameful that the city which has been touted as India’s Silicon Valley is forced to remain in darkness for 4 hours every day i.e. 120 hours a month. The situation has never been this bad in the last 25 years.

The Real Reason behind Massive Power Cuts in Bangalore

Bengaluru, like most of Karnataka, depends on hydro-power for electricity. Government officials are blaming bad monsoon season behind drying up of its hydel power plants. According to media reports, Karnataka’s hydel power plants lack 70% of total water it needs. In the time of power deficit, the state has no other choice than to cut back on power supply which is leading to at least 4 hours of power cuts every day. Although state has applied for help from centre, it has not been sufficient in meeting the growing power needs of the city.

What is the Solution to Bangalore’s Power Cuts? What Can the Residents Do?

The solution for generating sustainable electricity for Bangalore is no different than whole of India – using solar energy for generating free and green electricity. Bangalore is blessed to have 300 sunny days in a year and moderate climate which is perfect for making solar energy. Bangalore is also home to many highly qualified Indians who do understand the value of reducing our dependent on non-renewable energy sources. More houses and offices in Bangalore should go solar. It will not only help during this power crisis but will also be a long-term solution for power hungry Bangalore.

Why Bangalore Residents Should Go Solar and Why Ordinary Inverter is not enough?

Bangalore is witnessing a massive increase in the sales of home inverters for meeting backup needs during this electricity crisis. However, we must realize that ordinary inverter is still fully dependent on electricity supply from grid to charge the batteries. If there are long powercuts then ordinary inverter cannot charge batteries fully which means you can’t get full power backup. On the other hand, solar inverters can charge batteries through solar energy (generated by solar panels).

There is a solution for every house, for every budget. Let’s explore the options:

Converting Normal Inverter into Solar Inverter

solarcon sukam

Su-Kam has created an intelligent solar conversion kit – Solarcon. It comes with solar panels and gets connected to your existing inverter-battery setup. As the solar panels make DC electricity, it goes through Solarcon to charge the batteries. When the batteries are fully charged, Solarcon intelligently switches off the mains and powers your house through solar energy stored in batteries. You make savings on your electricity bills as you are using the free solar energy that solar panels made.

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Installing India’s Most Intelligent Home Solar Inverter


Brainy Eco is a true innovation by Su-Kam. This smart home solar inverter can charge your batteries through solar as well as grid while giving priority to solar. Its ‘Intelligent Charging Sharing’ feature means that it if 10 amps is coming from solar panels and your battery needs 15 amps, it will take the rest 5 amps from grid. On the other hand, if solar panels are making full 15 amps, it will not take anything from grid. You save big with Su-Kam’s Brainy as you consume ZERO units of electricity from the grid while your house is being powered by solar energy stored in batteries.

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Go Off-the-grid by Installing Off-grid Solar Power System

Off-Grid Solar Working Diagram

While the above two options would be more suitable for small to medium sized homes, you can consider running all of your electrical load through solar if you install an off-grid solar power system. An off-grid system consists of a Solar PCU (serves as inverter and solar charge controller), solar panels and batteries. The system charges the batteries through solar energy made by panels. When the batteries are charged the system runs collected load through solar. It converts DC stored in batteries into AC to run electrical appliances in the house. The system makes you energy independent as you do not take anything from the grid. You generate electricity through solar and use it.

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