Shocking! Haryana School Never Had Electricity Until It Went Solar

Ai_gBiqC_p5hMVOKHE607SBklcMWRN2UDXpBRFou0iILPadega India Tabhi toh Badega India” (Education will make India grow).

To make this statement true, schools in India must have a basic infrastructure to nurture the future of our country – but sadly many school don’t have it. For instance, take the case of this school in Sirsa district, Haryana.

No, there were no power cuts at this school. In fact, Shri Nokhwal Public School located in the Chakkan village had never seen electricity. The only source of power for the school was a low efficient generator that would cost a bomb. The staff hence had to cope up with the frequent need of electricity followed by low attendance mainly during summers.

“In summers the temperature exceeds 40 degrees and in absence of fans, it becomes impossible to teach the students properly. Some of our young children even faint due to excessive heat”.

Putting an end to their hardships, Mr. Lalit Goyal, a channel partner with Su-Kam suggested the principal of the school Mrs. Nokhwal to install solar inverters. After learning that the estimated cost of installing solar panels is far less than the cost of getting an electric connection, she readily agreed and the installation was done in a day.

Technical Specification of the off-grid Solar system

5KV/96 V solar inverters with 3KW solar panels were installedAq-7V8hoKc5_83Lcxa_BqBYbwk--xYwuTn45GFM93QFD

Eight Table Tabular batteries of 150AH/12 volts have been used

12 PV solar panels of 250 watts have been used

What changed in the school after the solar installation?

This installation amounted to Rs. 3.5 Lacs. The school runs twenty five fans, ten computers and one water cooler from 8 am to 2 pm now. The solar panel installed have provided the students the much awaited relief from the blistering heat of the summers and the primary set up to run computers that is the most essential means of modern day education.

Mrs. Nokhwal, the Principal of the school said, “Before the installation of solar inverter, consumption of diesel in the generator was approximately Rs. 20,000 per month. Going by my assumptions, by saving that much diesel we will recover the cost of the installation of the solar panels in less than 2 years. Su-Kam has put its best foot forward and we are content with the arrangements done by them.”

Off-grid solar installation not only makes you energy independent but is also a perfect alternative to electricity in rural areas that are located at remote places, away from any power station. The energy being created by off-grid PV unit gets stored in its battery and can be used during night or during overcast or cloudy days.

Mr. Lalit Goyal is an active channel partner of Su-Kam based in Haryana is making a difference in the solar energy investment sector with the speedy and economical installation of solar panels at schools and houses. You can get in touch with him on 0989588388. You can also enroll for a free solar consultation with Su-Kam before going solar.

Check out Su-Kam’s solar range of products and get inspired to go solar today.AjbUlBdo3tSYjNUwK_2OAOm8M8UWr2XNPkjGm8JL0ufr

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