Shop Owner in Jalgoan Runs their Acs, Washing Machine and Microwave on Solar. Solar-powered house!

Grid tie solar inverters are in the limelight across India due to the recent Net Metering Policy that has been adopted by the Indian Government. According to this policy, one can feed the excess solar power generated from their solar panels that is not used to run the load back to the grid and earn money!

This story is about how a family living in Yawal, Jalgaon recently decided to go solar and installed a grid tie inverter to reduce their electricity bills.


Mr. Yuvraj Khedkar, who owns a medical shop in Jalgaon wanted to reduce his high monthly electricity bill that he received in his home. His home is like all regular homes having IT load like computers, light load like Tubelights, Fans etc. and other electrician appliances like AC, washing machines, coolers, microwave etc.

Mr. Yuvraj and his family wanted to install a solar system in their home to run their entire home load on solar. So they decided to contact Mr. Kishore Gupta, authorized distributers of Su-Kam. Mr. Kishore has been in the solar industry for many years and has done a number of installations across Maharashtra. After site inspection and understanding their load running requirements, Mr. Kishore advised for the following system to be installed in their home.


  1. Su-Kam Grid Tie Inverter– 3KW
  2. Solar Panels (300W- 10 in number)- 3KW


Su-Kam’s grid tie inverter, inbuilt with dual MPPT technology is 97% efficient and is available in a wide range of 1.5KW to 20KW. During the day, the grid tie inverter receives solar power from the solar panels and runs the load. If excess solar power is generated, then the solar power is transferred back to the grid through a net metering device that will keep a record of the number of units that has been sold. If solar power is not enough to run the load the grid tie inverter has a charging sharing feature wherein it would take the rest of the power from the mains and efficiently run the load, while giving priority to solar.


This solar system is expected to generate approximately 10 to 15 units of electricity everyday depending on weather conditions. Mr. Kishore Gupta made sure the entire home load including air conditioner, washing machine, TV, fans, tubelights run comfortably on solar power.

The installation was a major success and the system is working absolutely fine. Mr. Yuvraj is satisfied seeing his monthly electricity bill reduced and his load running on solar. We will him all the best.

To know more about how to install a grid tie inverter please click the link to watch this video:

Su-Kam’s Solar Channel Partner Who Did this Solar Installation:

Mr. Kishore Gupta(Yashika Energy)- 09326289988

Contact the customer on the following address-

Mr. Yuvraj Khedkar- 07588647100


Mamkar Niwas, Gate No. 697

Plot No. 34 Ganesh Nagar

Behind Panchayat Samiti

Yawal, Jalgaon

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