Shweta Mehta Say she joined Su-Kam 8 years back but it only seems as if she joined yesterday


I Joined Su-Kam 8 years back as a fresher but it only seems as if I joined yesterday. Su-kam is a place where employee job satisfaction is given utmost priority. Su-Kam provides flexibility to work in different areas which helps employees to grow within the company and as a person. This beauty of work culture helped me to work with different departments and to enhance my skills.

Su-Kam has different working styles where people have fun while working. Very few companies  like Su-Kam celebrate each and every festival and  small achievements with their employees. it’s just because of these Su-Kam beliefs that the company’s success depends upon their employees’ success.

If you are looking for an environment that will present challenges to enhance your abilities, allow you to work with the top players  in your field and give you an opportunity to grow and advance in your career then Su-Kam is the ideal place of work for you.



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