Single Most Important Thing to Check Before Buying Solar Inverter for Home

Did you know that some home solar inverters that are being sold in Indian market can decrease the life and performance of your battery – in some extreme cases, the battery may even burst?

That’s dangerous! We care for your safety so we are going to tell you about a very important feature that home solar inverters should have. Check for for this feature before you buy solar inverter for your home.

Does the home solar inverter have ‘Charging Sharing’ feature?

solar inverter working diagram
Solar inverters are connected to two sources of power: solar panels and mains (the electricity grid). They are also equipped with charge controller through which they supply charge to the batteries. They are charging batteries through mains as well as solar. It is important that they balance the current coming from solar panels and mains to give right amount of charge to batteries.

For example, if solar inverter is connected to a single 150ah battery then the battery needs only 15 amps of current. On sunny days, solar panels can easily generate this amount of current and the inverter can charge batteries through the current coming from solar. But what about cloudy days? Solar panels may generate less current on cloudy days say about 7-10amps. However, the battery needs 15amps in order to be fully charged. Your home solar inverter should be able to draw the deficit current (8 or 5amps) from mains to charge the battery. This is called ‘Charging Sharing’.

Big and Dangerous Problem with Some Home Solar Inverters:

You’ll be shocked to know that many inverters in market may not have ‘Charging Sharing’. This can be fatal for the battery.

For example, if there is 15amps coming from solar panels and 15amps coming from mains, they will deliver the combined current i.e. 30amps to your 150ah battery. Remember, 150ah battery needs only 15 amps of currently! If overeating is dangerous for your health, overcharging is detrimental for batteries. This may reduce the life of you battery by one year. Your battery may bulge and start releasing toxic fumes. You wouldn’t want this to happen in your home, right?

Another problem is that you will not save any money by installing solar inverter. Why? Because your stupid solar inverter is still drawing currents from the mains – you will have to pay a hefty electricity bill. This defeats the entire purpose of having a solar inverter for home in the first place.

Solar inverter fatal for batteryHow Some Solar Inverters Can Damage Battery


What is the solution? Which is the best solar inverter for home?

Choose a solar inverter which is smart enough to measure and balance the current coming from solar panels and mains.

For example, Su-Kam’s Brainy Eco is packed with ‘Intelligent Charging Sharing’ feature. For example, when it detects that 10 amps is coming from solar panels it will intelligently take only remaining 5 amps from mains. It will  always try to get maximum current from solar and rely very little (or not at all) on mains.


Why Su-Kam's Brainy Eco is the Best Solar InverterYour battery life will increase and electricity bill will decrease – double benefit!

Our aim was only to create awareness so that you can buy best solar inverter for your house. But you are very welcome to buy Su-Kam’s Brainy Eco. You can even order it through Amazon. It costs only Rs. 2000 (or so) more than normal inverter. We totally recommend it. You can recover the entire cost in 3 years! Solarize your home now!





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