SMF Batteries: The ultimate need

Did you know that the fumes emitted by ordinary batteries cause tiredness, muscle pain, stomach aches,  kidney failure, blood cells, nerves, and liver damage? Inhaling lead fumes generated out of conventional Lead Acid Battery regularly is like taking a daily dose of poison. Thus, inverters need new and safer solutions.

If you are staying in a small house where you need to place your inverter as well, you should always prioritize safety. You should see to it that that the battery in the inverter does not leak or emit fumes. Conventional batteries catch fire very easily. You would be always apprehensive about sudden accidents. In fact, the fumes these batteries emit are very harmful for pregnant women. Thus, we all should prefer safe and efficient batteries for our inverters. Sealed maintenance free (SMF) battery is an answer to this.

Su-Kam has come up with their latest power bank series of  SMF batteries that are specially designed for optimum performance, very long life, and high reliability. These are eminently suitable for a wide range of applications.

SMF batteries doesnot emit corrosive gas and are leak proof. It has stable and reliable capacity. SMF batteries  guarantee a long service life in standby or cyclic service. The computer-aided design and the manufacturing expertise of Su-kam, ensure the best quality products in the industry.

Su-Kam’s SMF batteries are the perfect match for your inverter or UPS; they can perform under extreme conditions and can withstand deep discharge and overcharge as well.

By now you may very easily understand why SMF Batteries are essential. If you own an inverter or UPS at your place, do away with the battery that is installed at present or it may cost you a lot in the future. What do you think? Waste no more time and go for a change instantly!




    • Yes you are right, we need a safer solution and that come in the form of SMF Batteries. They can protect you from the adverse effects of lead acid batteries

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