Su-Kam – Progressing responsibly

A lot of companies make excellent products and provide superb services to its customers. But the same cannot be said, when it comes to corporate social responsibility (CSR). A keen sense of social awareness, a genuine zeal to give back to society, and a philosophical mandate to do good might exist, but how strongly it is implemented & practiced is a matter of some debate. There is, however, one company, where social work is not up for scrutiny; it is a fact that is practiced staunchly. That company is Su-Kam. Read though their CSR website section and it says the following:

Su-Kam is committed to building a responsible and sustainable business, which takes in to account the social and environmental aspects in which it operates. Being part of the community, we carry the responsibility to act in a way, that respects the social, economic and environmental well-being of the people in the society. Our business guidelines describe the standards of behavior expected from those working for the company. The company supports different charitable societies and organizations involved in helping blind people, orphanages and the handicapped in monetary terms, or by providing them the necessary items.

Su-Kam is the first company in India to have committed participation in Blooming Highways, an Eco-Tourism project of The Government of Himachal Pradesh. The project envisages the beautification of nearly 240 kilometres of road between Kiratpur Sahib (Punjab) and Manali (HP). This, and many other charitable associations with various NGOs, even a Hybrid Battery Car, are all part of Su-Kam’s social endeavors. These activities have rendered the brand even dearer to a large consumer-base, that is fully aware of Su-Kam’s great work. So while the company brightens the lives of the less privileged and does its bit for the environment, patrons of Su-Kam continue to enjoy uninterrupted power, thanks to their superb products.

A sample – Mr. S S Bajwa, Mr. J S Sandhu, & Mr. Ravinder Singh, all from Amritsar in Punjab. Ms. Nishi Pulugurtha, Mr. Niladiri Ghosh, Mr. Pradosh Das & Mr. Sujoy Sarkar, all from Kolkata in West Bengal. Finally, Mr. Kiran Rao from Bangalore & Mrs. Radha Rani from Shahbad Markanda in Haryana. All Su-Kam customers, who have been using the company’s inverters for many years, are happy they have chosen Su-Kam and proud that they belong to a corporate family that is so responsible.

With Su-Kam, progress is certain, and responsible!




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