Solar Boom in India: Employee Turned Solar Entrepreneur to Solarize Haryana

Here is an inspirational story about a dedicated ‘employee-turned-distributor’ of Su-Kam, Sonu Kilhore became a proud Su-Kamian and joined our world-wide team of 2000 members on 22nd September 2012 as a service engineer.


His Life Before Su-Kam

Sonu Kilhore finished his schooling from St. Crispins School located in Gurgaon and went on to do his diploma in electronics and communication, soon after that he joined Su-Kam has a service engineer of inverters and batteries. In 2013, he pursued his B.Tech. in Electronics and communications while he worked with Su-Kam and gained practical knowledge.


His Achievements in Su-Kam

Sonu played a crucial role in Su-Kam by making over 150 installations of Su-Kam products across pan India. His first installation was Brainy Eco one of Su-Kam’s most sort after solar hybrid UPS installed with an 80W solar panel in Gurgaon.


Sonu slowly got fascinated with solar technology and learnt about its growing demand and potential in the coming years. So he went on to receive his solar training while in Su-Kam and soon became Su-Kam’s leading solar service engineer.


Mr. Kilhore was handled the installation and maintenance of some of Su-Kam’s major projects like 100KW solar installation for Delhi Metro, 100KW solar installation at the State Bank Academy Gurgaon, 150KW solar powered parking in IFFCO tower Gurgaon and made sure these projects were a major success.


Mr. Kilhore’s New Solar Showroom and a Glamourous Life

After spending 4 dedicated years in Su-Kam he decided to join a new start up ‘Green Heaven Energy’. This company is a sole distributer of Su-Kam’s products. Started in 2014 Green Heaven sold Su-Kam’s solar products and made profits of over 1 Crore. Sonu Kilhore and his close friend Hitesh Yadav now own Green Haven and have made it their mission to sell maximum number of Su-Kam’s solar products.


After leaving Su-Kam he opened a new showroom called ‘Su-Kam Solar, Green Heaven’ located in Sohna Road near Samvit Hospital, that showcases full range of Su-Kam’s products. This showroom sells all Su-Kam solar inverters, PCU, solar charge controllers, solar batteries and also provides services including post installation maintenance services.


As we interviewed him he sat in his showroom receiving customers and giving us a tour of the entire place and his go down. It was brilliantly designed and we saw happy customers leave the showroom. Mr. Kilhore says ‘It has been a pleasure working with Su-Kam and while I worked there I learnt the ever growing potential of the solar market. Now I am excited to sell Su-Kam’s products in the Indian market, after opening this showroom in Gurgaon we have sold solar products worth 15 lakh in the last 20 days’.


This is a real achievement. Su-Kam is proud to give birth to such budding entrepreneurs and we hope that hard working youths like Mr. Kilhore and many more will make sure India turns into a solar powered nation.

We wish Mr. Kilhore all the best for his future endeavors and hope to support and encourage him to achieve greater heights.

You can contact Sonu Kilhore at – 09911511509.

If you wish to sell or buy Su-Kam’s solar products, visit



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