Solar for Cows in India: Solar Powered ‘Tabela’ in Gujarat

Think solar is only helping humans? No, animals are getting benefited by solar energy too!

Solar is illuminating not just homes, offices, industries, temples and hospitals but stables as well.

Read how this stable in Mangrol, Surat is completely powered by solar energy.

Stable ‘Tabela’ goes from darkness to light

The stable is situated in Mangrol, and obscure little town in Gujarat. Due to its remote location the town experiences severe power crunch. Receiving only 3-4 hours of electricity per day, it was hellish for the animals and caretakers especially during summer months.

With summer fast approaching the owner decided to install a solar plant that would bring relief to the many animals it houses. It would also help in the smooth functioning of the stable.

Solar energizes the stable

The project was given to Su-Kam’s distributor Mr. Chintu Patel owner of Shiv Shakti Enterprise. He suggested the perfect solar system that would energize the stable and empower the owner to save money.

Technical specifications:

With solar system they can run all these equipment hassle free

  • 35 lights and fans
  • 2Hp water pump
  • RO water system for the animals

Owner wants to upgrade solar system

Seeing the difference solar energy is making to his business, the owner of the stable has decided to upgrade the existing solar plant to 25Kw. Now that he does not have to worry about electricity bills and diesel expenditure, he is convinced that he will recover his investment in a couple of years.

Cost and savings

The entire system came at a cost of around Rs 18 lakhs which the owner will recover in about 8 years.

If you are also thinking of going solar, then get in touch with the expert Mr. Chintu Patel owner of Shiv Shakti Enterprise by dialing 0999829994.

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