Solar House: Why this homeowner in small town of UP installed solar?

For investors, India’s solar push seems like the new Gold Rush. But India’s small-towner is not far behind in grabbing the opportunity. In their own little way they too are making hay while the sun shines.

How Ramu made his bucks the smart way

Ramu Gupta hails from a small village called Pihani Chungi in district Hardoi U.P. A year from now he installed solar at his home. What drew him towards solar was its ability to save money.

He got in touch with Su-Kam’s distributor who installed a solar system at his place. Now he is not only getting uninterrupted power supply but also saving a lot of money.

Technical Specifications:

Solar helped him save money and get electricity 24*7

Ramu runs all the lights, fans and TV at his home with the solar system. He does not need electricity from mains.

He is saving approximately Rs 800-1000 per month. The entire set up cost him Rs 75000 which he will recover in a few years.

Seeing the vast benefits of using solar, Ramu now wants to install solar system at his shop too.

Go Solar!

If you also want to save money by using solar but don’t know how to get started get in touch with Su-Kam’s distributor Ranjan Singh by dialling 9415149339. If you have questions about solar, you will find all answers on our website:



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