Solar India: 3 Houses In One Village Go Solar to Make Savings and Get 24/7 Power

Like most Indian villages Kharkra village in Meham, Rohtak also faced serious power crunch. Electricity was available for just 8 hours per day; 6 hours at night and 2 hours during the day.

Due to the prolonged power cut their inverter and battery was quite useless. The battery was never getting fully charged and could run electrical appliances for only a short time.

As a result people lived in darkness. The situation became intolerable during summers.

Families decide to go solar

The families contacted Su-Kam’s distributor Dev Power Systems to install solar at their house. He suggested they install Su-Kam’s solar charge controller that would convert their old inverter into a solar inverter. All they needed was to invest in solar panels and a charge controller.

Below is the Technical Specification of the solar system that was set up in the 3 houses:

1st house

2nd house

3rd house

Families enjoy electricity 24*7

Now all the three houses get electricity all through the day and night. Their electricity bill has also reduced considerable.

Earlier the electricity bill was around Rs 2500 per month, but after going solar the bill has gone down to Rs 500 p/m.

Cost and Savings

The cost of the entire set up for the first house was approximately Rs 20,000 and for the other two was Rs 30,000.

With huge saving on their electricity bill they will recover the amount in about 1 year.

Call Su-Kam’s solar expert now!

If you also are tired of power cut and heavy electricity bills then go solar. You can call Mr. Shubham Gupta of Dev Power Systems, Rohtak by dialling 09896465464.

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