Solar installation at a shed generates 7,200 units!

The power situation of Haryana hasn’t been that good over the past few months. In this scenario, we need to find an alternate solution to deal with the problem of power crunch.

Recently, a shed owner in Haryana decided to go solar to deal with the situation of frequent powercuts.

Here’s how it was done:

The shed owner was worried due to the high amounting bills. So eventually he got in touch with Mohit Juneja, who spearheads solar installations for Su-Kam Power Systems Limited in and around Haryana. He installed 2 KW solar power system to cater to the needs of the shed owner. It was a challenging installation for the team, but managed successfully.


Technical Specifications:

Generates 7,200 solar units:

This entire installation costed around Rs. 2 lakhs which can be recovered in the next few years. It generates about 20 units per day which means 7,200 units per annum. This will result in huge amount of savings amounting to Rs. 57,600 per year. Once the entire cost gets recovered, free electricity can be enjoyed for a lifetime. This electricity is 100% eco-friendly and doesn’t require any major maintenance. Perhaps, that’s the USP too.

Go solar and see the difference:

Dial 09416644448 to reach Mohit Juneja or 1800-102-7555 and start your solar journey with Su-Kam today. Going solar has never been this easy and convenient.

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