Solar power systems

Today renewable solar power systems have become an easy accessible solution, which seems to be a great benefit not only for manufacturers from varied industries but also for ordinary people. Solar energy technologies allow you to save a considerable sum of money and pay back quickly. Besides, it is an undeniable asset to the environmental protection.

Often people face many problems while integrating a solar power system. Solar power systems can be classified as on grid or off grid.  On-grid systems are connected to the local power line and supply power only while the solar panels are producing electricity.  Off-grid systems are not connected to a utility power provider and include a battery bank for energy storage so that energy may be supplied when there is no sun.  There are also hybrid systems which are attached to the power lines and also have battery storage.

A solar power system comes with various components such as solar power panel, solar power battery, solar power charge controller, and solar power inverter. But you need to be very careful while choosing the battery and inverter for your solar power system. You need to determine how much power you will be supplying at a given point of time and accordingly size your battery array to that usage. The batteries should be kept in safe places so that no accident occurs.

Solar power systems supply the purest, cleanest, and most viable form of renewable energy available. This flexible energy source could be used to supply some power or all of the power that a house needs. Indeed this source of energy is abundant and flexible.

Can’t we do a bit to save our mother earth? What is your thought on  solar power systems? Please feel free to share your views.




  1. I do wish that everyone will jump on the solar power bandwagon. This is something we all can do for ourselves at home… right now!

    Do-It-Yourself solar panels are simple to make and cost as little as under $200 per panel. There is no need to wait for the bureaucrats to figure out how they intend to set up and deliver solar power to our homes.

    Let’s not wait. Let’s get started now and cut down and maybe even eliminate the power companies from our lives and return to truly green living.


    • Hi Spinthyme,

      We agree that instead on relying on beaurocrats and government agencies we all should do our bit for a green living.
      However, we appreciate our suggestion for Do-It-Yourself solar panels.

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