Solar-powered Computers: This Office in Lucknow Runs Computers on Solar Power All Day Long

One of the major running costs of businesses everywhere is utility bills. With electricity price increasing steadily at a rate of 7-8% annually, business owners are looking for alternatives.

This office plugged in solar

Like countless others, Nikhil owner of Shyam Tractor Agency, Lucknow road Distt Hardoi (U.P) was troubled with frequent power cut and high electricity bills. To address this problem he got in touch with Su-Kam’s distributor Ranjan Singh and asked him for a solar solution. Now this Lucknow’s businessman is en-cashing big time on solar energy.


After carefully assessing his energy requirement, Ranjan Singh suggested that he convert his existing inverter into solar system.

Su-Kam’s revolutionary solar inverter: Solarcon

Nikhil installed Su-Kam’s Solarcon, a smart device which can convert any ordinary inverter and battery setup into solar power system. It doesn’t use any electricity from mains. As soon as the batteries get fully charged, it runs the entire connected load through solar energy saved in battery. It is a mini off-grid solar system which is very cheap when compared to cost of other off-grid solar systems.

Technical Specifications:

C:\Users\tenzin.choedon\Desktop\12038207_578350832339954_6870195678344714315_n.jpgSolarcon runs three computers all day on solar energy

The next challenge was to run three computers along with all the lights and fans of his office. Solarcon won the challenge as it was able to run the computers all day on soar power. Isn’t it amazing?

Cost and Savings

It cost Nikhil Rs 38,000 for the entire system. Since all his energy requirement is met by solar as the office is operational during the day, from 10 am to 6 pm, he will recover the amount in just 3 years.

Happy with the outcome owner wants to upgrade

The owner is not hesitant to invest more money in solar. He wants to replace his old inverter with Su-Kam’s Brainy Eco. With this he will be able to reap more benefits of solar energy.


Install solar now!

If you also want to start your solar journey then call Su-Kam distributor Ranjan Singh right now. Dial 9415149339 and enjoy the benefits of solar.

Do you want to try solar? Visit to find the most affordable way to go solar.



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