Solar Powered Petrol Pumps Becoming New Trend in India? Another Pump in Haryana Goes Solar. Here’s Why

The beauty of solar lies in its reliability. Here is a story about two brothers who own a petrol pump in Rohtak city of Haryana (A northern state of India) and recently decided to go solar.



The two brothers, Mr. Neeraj Jain and Mr. Rajeev Jain jointly opened a petrol pump ‘Goel Brothers’ located in Asthal Bohar in Rohtak. The brothers struggled initially due to the high investment cost and the rising electricity bill. But they kept their cool and worked hard to keep this petrol pump up and working.

Their hard work paid off and the petrol pump is doing very well but they struggled with the high monthly electricity bill for months. Experiencing high power cuts in that area and being a 24*7 petrol pump it became important to have power back up at all times. It should be noted that petrol pumps located outside of main cities have to always grapple with power cuts.


Like all other petrol pumps they had to resort to diesel generators and we all know how costly those are! About 80% of their load was running on inverter and diesel generators that cost them approximately Rs. 25000 every month.

It was painful to pay this amount every month and so the brothers decided to go in for solar.


For this installation they called up our expert and authorized distributor located in Rohtak Mr. Shubham Gupta. Neeraj and Rajeev called up Mr. Shubham for installing a Su-Kam solar system after a recommendation from their cousin brother who had previously installed a Su-Kam solar system and was very happy with the installation.

And so they did not think twice and went ahead with Mr. Shubham recommendation for their solar system-


  1. Su-Kam ‘COLLOSAL’ solar inverter– 10KW
  2. Su-Kam’s solar panels– 8KW (250W/24V- 32 in number)
  3. Su-Kam’s solar charge controller PWM- 180V/40Amp
  4. Batteries– 150AH (15 in number)



The system generates approximately 50 units of electricity everyday depending upon the weather conditions and is designed to run the entire load in the petrol pump including dispensing pumps, fans, CFLs etc. The installation was a massive success and the two brothers seem very pleased with the final outcome. Mr. Shubham Gupta says ‘I have installed Su-Kam’s solar products in their family before and everyone seems happy with the working and the installation. When Mr. Neeraj called me we were glad to help him and his brother to put up a solar system in their pump. They are like family now’.

We wish both the brothers all the best and wish him best of luck for the coming days.

To understand how an off grid solar system works please link on this link and subscribe to Su-Kam’s YouTube channel-

Su-Kam’s Solar Distributor:

Mr. Shubham Gupta- 09896465464

Contact the customer on the following address

Mr. Neeraj Jain (09896017165)

Mr. Rajeev Jain (09896098883)

Address of Goel Brothers petrol pump

Delhi Asthal Bohar, Rohtak, Haryana Road

Sarasvati Enclave, Sector 10B, Sector 37

Haryana- 124001


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