Solar-powered Rickshaw Motivates People to Go Solar in Punjab

Su-Kam is proud of its distributers and with the growing installations of solar power plants happening around the country we are blessed to have increasing number of loyal distributers who are dedicated to sell solar products.

Punjab is a state in India with a population of 27 million people, and an abundant amount of sunlight falling on its surface with a rough estimate of 2762 hours annually. That being a massive amount, the people of Punjab are not shying away from utilizing free solar energy to run their household load.


With every year we see a large number of people getting aware of the benefits of solar energy and we owe this to our trusted and faithful distributers who have taken upon this duty to make India a solarized nation.

Story of Solar Entreprenuer, Kapil Dev, Who Wants to Solarize Punjab

Mr. Kapil Dev Soni is a Su-Kam distributor in Punjab, who has been associated with Su-Kam for 5 whole years now. He has a company located on the railway road in Garshankar, Punjab. He has been focused on getting solar installed in very village and every town in Punjab.


“People have been unaware of how solar energy can benefit them but in the past one year the solar business is flourishing. We are seeing increasing number of installations across Punjab so much so that now it is getting difficult to handle the number of orders so we hired more people and now we are doing extremely well”, says Kapil.

He says ‘I want that when people talk about solar they should mention the name Su-Kam’. We are proud to have such people at our side.


Recently Mr. Kapil bought a solar E-rickshaw that he uses to go to different villages and educates the people about solar benefits. On a typical day he makes sure that he visits atleast two villages and takes a number of orders for solar installations. He says the sales of a typical month go upto 20 to 25 Lakh.

Kapil Dev is setting an example for the rest of distributors and the people of India showing a live example of the booming solar industry and it advantages.


The solar E-rickshaw is an innovative idea and has helped to spread awareness across Punjab. He says this E-rickshaw on a typical day can run on solar for upto 140KM! That I must say is significant.

Technical Specifications of Solar E-Rickshaw

  1. 250w- 2 panels (48V)
  2. 75 AH- 4 Batteries
  3. Motor 1000 Watts

The E-rickshaw is very useful to move around it has a good speed and works fine. It also has a ‘reverse switch’ that enables the rickshaw to move bi-directionally, says Kapil. We use it to move around the district Hoshiarpur and help the people know about the benefits of solar and how Su-Kam is the best option for solar.


Mr. Kapil says there has been growing demand of solar in villages of Punjab like Moga, Mohali, Kaputhala, Sailapur where there is shortage of electricity. And because of solar these houses in remotely located areas have lit up and now there is abundant electricity available there. Su-Kam is doing very well and has a great potential to reach heights in the coming years. We hope and pray that people like Mr. Kapil Dev continue doing great work and help the India become the next Solar Power of the world.


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