Solar Revolution in Kerala – Another Home Goes Solar to Run on Green Energy

Here is a story of Su-Kam’s trusted and loyal dealers who has played a major role in solarizing hundreds of homes in Kerala. Mr. Renjith Ravindran from ‘Solar Power Corporation’ and a couple of his colleagues found this company in 2013 located Thrissur.

The company’s sole mission is to manufacture, export and supply Su-Kam’s solar products. They want to contribute in spreading knowledge and expanding the scope of Green energy in India. Being pioneers of solar energy expansion in India, they are an inspiration to millions of Indians and to the people of this world. To know more about them please visit their website –

Here is a story of one of Solar Power Corporations solar installations.

Mr. Vijayan KK, a customer whose house is located in Plakizhi House, Pazhuvil approximately 18 Kms from Thrissur city wanted to run his home load on solar power. And so he called up Mr. Renjith to get some advice on what kind of solar system would be the best fit for his home. After the site inspection and understanding their requirements, Mr. Renjith came up with the following specifications –

Technical Specifications:

  1. Su-Kam’s solar panels – 3KW (250W/24V- 12 in number)
  2. Su-Kam’s Grid Tie Inverter – 3KW
  3. Average production of the day – 13.8 Units



Grid tie inverter are amazingly designed machines that basically enable you to feed back the excess solar energy generated to the main grid and earn money. Yes, you read that right. By excess solar energy I mean the energy you don’t use to run your load.

Bear with me while I explain this concept a little technically. So there are two types of powers. Active power and reactive power. So when you utilize the power generated to run the load it’s called reactive power. When the power is generated and is not utilized to run any kind of load it’s called active power. In a grid tie inverter there is a provision to utilize this active power.


The active power is basically fed back to the grid and you can retrieve back that amount of money.

To understand the grid interactive distributed solar energy systems regulations taken up by the Kerala State Electricity board click the link here –


For installing a grid tie inverter we need solar panels, junction boxes, grid tie inverters and bidirectional meters. With normal inverters unidirectional meters are installed that track the amount of electricity that is being consumed by customer. As in it calculates the units of electricity that is being taken from the grid per day.

In the case of grid tie inverters, bidirectional meters are required. Since, if excess solar energy is generated that is if production is greater than consumption then it will be transported back to the Kerala State Electricity Board. And if consumption is greater than production then the deficit is drawn from the utility grid. To measure and track this export and import of energy a bidirectional meter is required.

To understand how to install a grid tie inverter please watch this video:

Mr. Vijayan is pleased with the installation since his entire house load like fans, lights, fridge, washing machine and one air conditioner runs on free solar power and living in an area with an attractive net metering policy he is benefiting positively from this installation.


For further details please contact –

Mr. Renjith Ravindran (Su-Kam’s kerela based dealer) – 09745613399

Mr. Beljin (Su-Kam’s Kerela Branch Manager) – 09946900090

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