Solar Saga Continues: Touch screen PCU installed in Surat


Solar in India is being welcomed with open arms. Its accessibility, affordability and availability in India add to its advantages. It is a one-time investment with no worries of maintenance at the later stage. This makes it a perfect solution for electricity worries even in the remotest areas.


Recently, a family in Surat switched to solar.

Here’s how it was done:


PM Modi’s Gujarat is brimming with solar installations. Included in the list of one of the smart cities of India, Gujarat has been adapting to new advancements quickly. As the awareness related to solar spread in the country, Surat in Gujarat went gaga over it.


This family in Surat was worried since a long time due to the high amounting electricity bills. In summers, this problem is especially on the high as the power supply keeps fluctuating and yet the electricity bill refuses to go down. This time, the problem started at the very onset of summers, thus the family was much disturbed. It was then that they contacted Mr Bhavnish Rathore, who spearheads solar installations for Su-Kam Power Systems Limited in and around Surat.


He and his team visited this house situated at Haney Park Road, Surat to look closely at the problem. Then they suggested them to switch to solar and install Brainy touch screen solar PCU.

Technical Specifications:


Initial Investment for lifetime free electricity:


The initial cost of installation which was Rs. 2, 70, 000 can easily be recovered in a span of few years. After that benefits of free electricity can be enjoyed for a life time. This system is presently running on solar for the entire day. After sun set, that is from 6pm to 6am it works on battery backup. So far, the family is happy with the installation and no problems have been reported. Su-Kam’s products are of exceptional quality and maintenance free. The savings are incredible too.


This system saves 13 units per day which is roughly 4680 units per annum.

Go solar and see the difference:


Dial 09824198846 to reach Bhavnish Rathore (Shreeji Power Systems) who is a channel partner with Su-Kam or 1800-102-7555 and start your solar journey today. Going solar has never been this easy and convenient.


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