Solar Street Light Proving To Be a Blessing for this Village in Tamil Nadu That Has No Electricity


With solar slowly growing popularity across India, we are seeing a rising number of solar installations be it complete solar systems running house loads and making them independent from the grid supply or solar standalone street lights bringing light into a rural far flung village which has never seen electricity.

And that is the magic of solar.


Mr. Vignesh, who stays with his family in Railway feet road, Karaikudi village recently decided to install two street lights in front of his house. The village had no electricity and there were no street light there. Electricity would be available only for a couple of hours everyday. It became a necessity to install a standalone independent solar street light in that area. “We were worried about our safety – our women felt very scared to leave home after dark”, said a villager.

For this installation Mr. Vignesh called up Mr. Balamurgan (Su-Kam’s authorized distributor in Tamil Nadu). He advised for the following street light to be installed there –


  1. Su-Kam’s solar street light SUNWAY– LI3 (15W- 2 in number)
  2. Su-Kam’s solar panels in built in the street light- 35W each
  3. Su-Kam’s in built internal lithium ion batteries– 14.8V/5.2AH
  4. Height- 4meters
  5. Distance between the solar street lights- 9Meters



Su-Kam’s solar outdoor streetlight ‘SUNWAY’ comes in three models. LI1(4W), LI2(9W) and LI3(15W). The LI3 model gives 31lux from 4 meters and provides excellent lighting for outdoor solutions like farms, small streets etc. These street lights have been designed to provide 30 to 50% more brightness as compared to other solar street light and with in built light weight and maintenance free lithium ion batteries. This standalone street light consists of a pole, battery bank, solar panel and LED or CFL lights. During the day the solar panels convert the sunlight into electricity and stores it in batteries and during the night the street lights provides light by taking energy from the power stored in batteries.

The number of hours the street light stays on depends on your geographical area. For this particular street light Mr. Balamurgam says ‘We expect it should be able to provide 12 hours of continuous back up with approximately 8 hours of sunlight charging. The area recieves enough sunlight so it should work just perfectly’.

To know more about Su-Kam’s solar street light please see the following video –

For further details please contact-

Mr. Balamurgan (Su-Kam’s authorized distributer)- 09047338974

Contact the customer on the following address-

Mr. Vignesh – 09750247226

Railway feet road

Village Karaikudi

District Sivaganga, Tamil Nadu

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