Solar System Installed in Service Centre Yemen

Here is a story about Su-kam’s authorized distributors ‘Abdullah Alezzi Trading Stores’, who don’t just believe in selling solar inverters and batteries as a product they also went ahead and installed it in their main center in Yemen and are now enjoying the benefits of solar power. They spent 180/200 USD on diesel expenses every month. Read more to find out how solar helped them—


Freedom with Solar Power in Yemen

Mr. Majed, authorized distributor from The Abdullah Alezzi Trading Stores, supply and manage Su-Kam’s solar products all over Yemen. The growing demand for solar and the crisis of power began a year ago when Yemen started facing a devastating civil war in 2015 that resulted in the loss of lives, property and basic infrastructure.

Su-Kam, a power industry with its headquarters located in India decided to lend a helping hand in Yemen by establishing its service centers and authorized outlets in Yemen. Slowly, the citizens of Yemen accepted solar power as their primary source of electricity. An increasing number of people are taking inspiration from each other and installing solar systems in their homes in Yemen today.


Su-Kam feels proud to help such a large number of citizens of Yemen country and to successfully establish a flourishing solar industry in Yemen. One of Su-Kam’s loyal authorized distributors ‘The Abdullah Alezzi Trading Stores’ in Yemen decided to solarize their main office and enjoy the benefits of solar power. The Abdullah Alezzi Trading stores have carried out a number of solar installations across Yemen and after a detailed site inspection they came up with the following system for their own centre.

Here are the details of the system installed:

Technical Specifications

  1. Su-Kam’s Solar Power conditioning unit Inverter- 5KVA/96V
  2. Su-Kam’s solar panels– 300W/24V (8 in number)
  3. Su-Kam’s Tubular Batteries – 150AH/12V (8 in number)


Load Running and Units Generated

This system is able to generate approximately 15 units of electricity every day depending on weather conditions. The solar system runs the entire load of the center that includes approximately a server (2000W — 4 hours), 1 Desktop (400W — 4 hours), 1HP laser jet printer (1 hour), Lights (200W — 5 hours).

The solar system is functioning perfectly and running all required load. The center spent 200USD dollars on monthly electricity consumption that they are now saving all thanks to solar power.

After the installation we had a candid conversation with Mr. Akrm Abdullah (Head Manager of Abdullah Alezzi Trading Stores). He says ‘From a long run perspective, I have got rid of one of the most important element of expenses from our accounts. Solar has made a significant difference and we want to sincerely thank Su-Kam for helping us out.’


We wish Mr. Majed and Mr. Akrm many congratulations for their flourishing business and wish them best of luck for their future with solar and Su-kam.

For further details, please contact-

Mr. Majed (Su-Kam’s authorized distributor in Yemen) – 0967770077004

Business Name: Abdullah Al_ezzi Trading stores.

Business Address:

Main center:

Sanaa, Al_Safiya Colony, Abu Dhabi st.

Tel.: 00967_1_507081




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