Sonia Arora says Su-Kam has provided her a great career path


At Su-kam I have got the opportunity to prove my abilities. Today after having worked for all most 5 years, I joined Su-Kam as Front Office Executive but now I am Assistant Manager – HR. My hard work  has been appreciated and acknowledge by all. I am still happy working here due to the fun and cordial work environment that is provided. The work culture here is friendly and open at Su-Kam and all of us share a great bond not just with our colleagues but with our seniors too.

I have learnt a lot during my stint here and would like to thank the organisation for supporting me.  One thing in particular is that all Su-Kam members respect each other and provide a safe working environment especially for women. I can recommend Su-Kam to anyone who is dedicated and looking for a good exposure as it provides a lot of opportunity to grow.



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