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A company wanting to market any product or service to a mass audience has to rely on traditional media. Consequently, vast sums of money and planning goes into advertising in different forms, to make the brand known and inform and entice potential consumers. Even then, there is no guarantee that on the basis of the communication alone, people will adopt a particular product or service over the other. So what assures a company that its products & services will be patronized by a large mass of people? The product itself!

It’s like this… If you have a lot of connections in the film world, you may get a break. But beyond the first film, you will only continue to get work, only if you are a good actor. The same holds true for products and services. Advertising will get you noticed, but unless the product on offer is really good, it will not get sustained usage.

Su-Kam understands this extremely well, and its wide range of power back-up products speaks for itself. Performance, reliability, ease of use, economy, affordability; they’re all rolled into Su-Kam machines in equal measure, making Su-Kam the number one power back-up solutions company. Over the years, the company’s products have been so well received, that instead of having to rely on expensive advertising; the customers themselves have become the brand’s biggest mouthpieces, spreading the message of Su-Kam’s excellent products.

Goodwill, gathered from superb products in the first place, is at the heart of Su-Kam’s stupendous success. One look at even a small sample of Su-Kam customers reveals that the company is held in very high esteem, and people who’ve used Su-Kam once, never stray to another brand.

From Kanpur there is Mr. Laxmi Narayan and Mr. Ranjeet Singh. From Allahabad, we have New Sani Electronic Works, which is a dealership of Su-Kam. From Faizabad there is Altek Battery Service & from Sitapur there is Prince Agency, also dealers of Su-Kam. From Lucknow, there is personal user Mr. V K Singh and from Ayodhya, the owners of Hind Chasma Ghar. And finally, we have another dealer, Mactron Electronics, from Devaria. All these people and organisations from different parts of Uttar Pradesh have experienced the richness of brand Su-Kam, either as customers, or as dealers for the company.

These users are responsible for voluntarily spreading brand Su-Kam, because they are part of a happy & content Su-Kam consumer base!

Contact info of one of the above customers:

Mr.VK Singh: ajkmcaresingh@yahoo.com




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