How State Bank Academy in Gurgaon Will Save 12 Lacs by Going Solar

State Bank Academy in Gurgaon is an apex learning center of State Bank of India.

The academy spread across 11 acres of land gets abundant sunshine throughout the year. Making the most of this the heads of the academy decided to solarize their campus.

For this task they approached Su-Kam Power Systems – a premier solar solutions provider.

What’s in the Solar Power System and How Much Does it Make?

  • One 50 kW, one 30 kW and two 10 kW Grid tie-string inverters.

  • 400 PV modules 250 watt each

The grid-tie solar rooftop will generate over 1,40,000 units of electricity annually. The institute will thus save approximately Rs 12,60,000 in a year. Considering that the life of such a system is 25 years, the academy will save over 3 crores in long term!

What Runs on Solar?

The total load of the academy is about 700KW but thankfully solar takes care of 100KW.

The grid-tie system is grid-tie run lights, fans, AC, projectors, TV, computers, sound system, projector, pumps etc.

Extra electricity required to run these equipment is drawn from the grid.

Some challenges the team faced while implementing the project

As the academy is spread across a huge area of land, the buildings are also far apart. So in order to install the solar PV modules on the rooftops of buildings that are about 300-400 meters apart the team faced a major challenge in cable routing.

Another difficulty that they came across was that since it was a learning center, work had to be carried out with minimum noise during the day.

However, the team worked diligently and completed the project successfully in just 3 months.

Remote Monitoring

Like all state-of-the-art solar plants this one too can be remotely monitored.

Why remote monitoring?

Remote Monitoring is best suited for large solar plants where monitoring them closely become a hassle.

With remote monitoring you can check the status of the Power Conditioning Unit and the energy generation from the solar panels.

With such data easily available on your computer screen you can take necessary action in case of any emergency.

Sensors for measuring output and preventive actions

The solar plant has been fitted with unique sensors, like module temperature sensor, ambient temperature sensor and solar irradiation sensor that enables the customer to easily monitor the performance of the systems from time to time.

These communication systems provide the required data to the customers to enable them to plan for preventive maintenance and corrective action for the problems encountered remotely. They also help to increase the life and efficiency of the systems.

Inauguration of the Solar Plant:

The solar plant was inaugurated on July 1st 2015 by Mr. Jeevan Sahay, GM and Principal of State Bank Academy in the presence of Mr. Devinder Kumar, CEO-Solar Projects Su-Kam.

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