Story of a Solar Petrol Pump in Punjab: Savings of Rs. 10,000 Per Month

Like many petrol pumps across India, Rishav Filling Station was spending an exorbitant amount of money on diesel generator. To escape this unnecessary expenditure many petrol pumps are resorting to renewable energy. So did this Filling station in Punjab.

Read this petrol pump’s amazing journey; from uncontrolled expenses to huge savings by simply going Solar.

Rishav Filling Station in Taragarh, Punjab received only a few hours of electricity everyday. As power crunch can be a major setback to business especially petrol pumps, so they relied on diesel generator for electricity.

Petrol pump spends a fortune on electricity

But the offside of using generators was that it consumed a lot of fuel and was high maintenance.

The owner of the pump ended up buying 200 litres of diesel per month.

Apart from this he was also spending a huge chunk of money on generator maintenance and electricity bill. He was spending more than Rs. 10,000 every month just to get power!

Solar plant energises the pump

After hearing good reviews about solar energy the owner decided to install a solar system at his pump. The job was given to Su-Kam’s distributor Santafee Semi Conductor Pvt Ltd. in Faridkot.

Technical specifications:

After installing solar system the petrol pump is completely energized by solar energy. During the day all the electrical equipment run on energy generated from the solar panels. After sunset solar energy stored in the batteries power the petrol pump.

Cost and savings

The entire set up cost approximately Rs 5 lacs. But with diesel cost and generator maintenance charges slashed off and electricity bill reduced, the pump owner is saving a lot of money.

The money will be recovered in 4 years’ time.

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