Story of Solar-powered School in Kerala

Kerela, a state of Southern India located in the Malabar Coast is known to have a very high literacy rate. It is here that a large number of successful Indian students have been educated. Located on the coast Kerela’s weather is not extreme and is also known to be the thirteen’s largest state by population.


Kerela receives an average of 6.3 hours of sunlight in a day. That amounts to 2381 hours of average sunlight per year. This large amount of sunlight can be utilized to its maximum potential to light up thousands of homes, schools, colleges, corporate office etc. Keeping this in mind Su-Kam has made sure to build a strong distributer and dealer base all over Kerela. If you want to find a Su-Kam dealer near your place in Kerela you can find it by clicking this link:

School in Trivandrum Goes Solar to get Relief from Rs. 25,000 Monthly Electricity Bill

Recently a school holding a massive number of 6500 students located in Trivandrum, Kerela decided it was time for them to go solar! It was then that they contacted our dealer located in Trivandrum Mr. VS Moorthy from Capital Solar Systems (Contact him on 9895330337). Mr. Moorthy has been Su-Kam dealer since one and a half years and deals solely in Su-Kam products.


The principal of Sarasvati Vidyalaya School in Kerela Mrs. Shylaja O.R came up with the idea of running her school load through solar power and saving thousands of rupees. With a load of 62KW, their monthly electricity bill was approximately 25000Rs. They wanted to go in for an on grid solar system that runs their load through solar power!


An On grid solar system typically requires few components to be installed as compared to an off grid solar system or a DC system. The working of an on grid solar system is easy. Basically the system consists of solar panels, a solar inverter a net metering device and mains supply. So essentially when the sun shines on the panels, DC power is generated that is fed into a solar inverter. This inverter converts the DC power into AC and runs the load. But only while the sunlight is available. An on grid system does not have a backup solution. So during the day when there is surplus solar the load runs on solar and the excess solar generated is fed back to the grid supply through the net metering device.


This metering device monitors the amount of energy that has been fed to the solar panels and the total electricity is amounted in rupees and is credit back to the customer!

During the night the load runs on mains supply as usual. They went on to buy a 10KW solar on grid inverter and keeping in mind their load requirements and government regulations, Mr. Moorthy came up with the following specifications for installing Su-Kam’s solar panels for best results:


  1. Su-Kam’s solar panels 10KW- 40 in number 250 W / 24V


With 10KW solar panels installed, the school’s light load like classroom tube lights, fans, computers run on solar power. The system generates on an average 45 units of electricity a day!

Su-Kam wishes Sarasvati Vidhayala all the best and hopes more schools and homes take inspiration and contributes their bit towards a cleaner and greener environment.


If you wish to contact VS Moorthy the details are provided below:

Address : TC 17/1716 Poojappura Junction Trivandrum kerela – 695012

Contact person VS Moorthy.

Phone number: 9895330337





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