Su-kam: A customer friendly organisation

Vinay Mohan, Proprietor, Balaji Service Station NH1, Sonipat, NCR

Constant and frequent power cuts have made it mandatory for businessmen like me to have inverters and other power back up systems to ensure that our work and businesses don’t suffer. I too got a 5-kva high capacity inverter from Su-kam to see that there are no disruptions to my work and business.

However, once there was a power cut at around 8:00 pm and the inverter wasn’t working properly. There was a jerking movement. Therefore, I called up the customer service department and informed about the problem. Night had already fallen so I was under the assumption that the company would send someone the next day. However, to my wonder the engineer from the company turned up in a very short time and brought a spare service battery along. The engineer then got rid of the jerking that was actually due to some fault in the battery.

Thanks to Su-kam’s prompt service, I could keep the petrol pump running that night despite the power cut. If the company had not provided prompt assistance then the petrol pump would have had to be shut down due to darkness.

I have always received great service from the company. There products are also top-rate which is why apart from an inverter I also use a Su-kam’s SMF battery. Let me tell you another instance that proves the company’s dedication towards their customers. I bought battery equalizers for my SMF battery but wasn’t too happy with them. Therefore, I called up the company and asked them to replace the battery equalizer. The company got the equalizer replaced with a new one within a few days.

I have always had a great experience in my dealings with Su-kam and have never faced any hassles. Its after sale service, value for money and its world class technology gives the company an edge over its counterparts.

– Vinay Mohan




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