Su-kam – A great place to work

Pramod Khandelwal, Sr. Manager – Corporate HR, An integral part of the Su-kam family since last two years, he handles corporate HR at the company

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

– Confucius

I had often heard this maxim but only realized how true it was only after I joined Su-kam. Su-kam is a company that has also been an innovator and the company offers its employees innumerable opportunities and challenges to excel and grow.

I am a person who has witnessed and experienced this firsthand. I have always been given the freedom to work innovatively. Moreover, the timely recognition and appreciation which I get from my superiors motivate me to think more creatively and deeply. The kind of faith and trust I get from the Sr Management also drives me to perform better and put in my best efforts.

There is no doubt that Su-kam is a great place to work but what makes it truly exceptional is the fact that it has a leader who is not only brilliant and innovative but a genuine human being as well. He cares about each and every employee in his organization.

I can provide a real life instance to prove this fact. This is an incident that happened quite recently. Su-kam had organized an important workshop on “Evolving HR vision and Mission” for its employees on 9th and 10th January 2010 at Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh. The preparations for this trip were on in full swing and all the arrangements such as faculty, venue and tickets were already in place for all the 21 members of the HR team in Su-kam.

The entire team including me was ready to go and then suddenly at the  eleventh hour an unforeseen but urgent dilemma befell me. I approached the company and requested to be exempted from the trip. It was a very important workshop and all the preparations were completed but despite that I was allowed to back out of the trip. Moreover the entire trip was postponed as well. Thus, the company does not count cost or inconvenience when it come to its employees and this is the reason that makes Su-kam special and different from other organizations.




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