Su-kam: A master innovator

Innovation! The magic mantra for success. Porus Munshi’s new book talks about eleven entities who have used this mantra to sail ahead of their contemporaries. Titled “Making Breakthrough Innovations Happen”, this book brings eleven instances where people battled heavy odds and managed to turn their industry around with their ingenuity and innovations.

Su-kam, the company which almost single-handedly changed the face of the Indian power back-up, is one of the eleven innovators chronicled in this book. It is a truly deserving accolade for Su-kam because it managed to create not only a niche into an existing industry but ended up creating a whole new industry in India by sensing and successfully utilizing a latent need in the power backup sector of the country.

Some other innovators mentioned in this book include Titan that came up with the slimmest water-resistant watch in the world; Shantha Biotech which managed to find out a low-cost Hepatitis-B vaccine thereby bring in a new era of  biotechnology in India. It also includes public service innovators like the Surat City and the Trichy Police. It is an honour to Su-kam that it finds mention among such an extensive and illustrious bunch.

Such instances of appreciation are sure to motivate and induce Su-kam to conquer further heights of success and glory.




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