Su-Kam – A Mighty Heart

Power back up products are made by a number of companies, so what really sets the best apart from the rest? How does one know for sure that a particular model will be the best choice? There are a few indicators that can answer crucial questions, and help one arrive at the correct decision.

It has been observed that, by and large, the company that pioneered the product and the technology is the company that will be really good. Look at almost any product category to draw examples. When it comes to ACs, Carrier is perhaps the best. When it comes to microprocessors, Intel is the undisputed leader. Similarly, in the case of power back-up products, Su-Kam has the clear distinction of being the company that started it all in India.

Second comes the combination of attributes being offered. These would be value for money, reliability and efficiency. But what determines these vital factors is technology. Which company has developed its own technology? Again, Su-Kam comes up trumps. Twelve years ago, when Indians were grappling with crude, low-tech, home-made solutions for power back-up, Su-Kam spotted the dire need of developing its own world class, dependable technology. With that technology, they began making inverters, and soon were making history. Technological prowess and innovation continue to fuel their products even today – be it at the cutting-edge, with models like the Solar Inverter, or with regular UPS systems and batteries.

Lastly, it boils down to customer patronage. And the mass patronage which Su-Kam has earned across the nation too serves as glaring proof of which power back-up company to go for. In fact, let’s look at a sample of real Su-Kam customers. Saicom Power Systems, Mr. Narendra Yadav, Mr. Faijal, and Mr. Dinesh Dalvi are all happy customers of Su-Kam from Mumbai. They gladly speak for the brand, whenever required, and are very pleased with their choice to be with Su-Kam. Like them, we have Mr. Swami, Mr. Mangesh Wadekar and Ms. Mansi Ramdasi from Thane. They too vouch for Su-Kam’s great products and service.

Its a clear cut decision for people across the country – Su-Kam’s the choice to make. Su-Kam and its products have a mighty heart!

Contact info of the above customers:

Saicom Power Systems: LBS Marg, Near Nerolac Paints, Bhandup (West), Mumbai.

Mr. Narendra Yadav: C – 2404/05 , Shreeji Heights, Palm Beach Road, Sector – 46A, Mumbai.

Mr. Faijal: Omai Apartments, First floor, 104, Near Jama Masjid, Panvel, Mumbai.

Mr. Dinesh Dalvi: 904,Yog Residency, Yogi Nagar, Borivli (West), Mumbai.

Mr. Swami: 5, First floor, Hanuman Nagar, Katemanivli, Kalyan (East), Thane.

Mr. Mangesh Wadekar: Deual Wadi, Karjat (East), Thane.

Ms. Mansi Ramdasi: Milap Society, Nandivli Road, Next to DNC School, Dombivli (East), Thane.




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