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Once upon a time, not too long ago, inverters were being made in household backyards; in small sheds, with do-it-yourself tools and questionable technology. Combining parts from different machines here & there was the way these incredibly inexpensive inverters, were being made, but they were terribly unreliable too. India, a nation caught in power-cuts, desperately needed a reliable inverter. What followed, thanks to Su-Kam, was not one, but an entire range of world-class inverters, that shook up the market, created a new category and redefined the way in which power back-up is viewed.

After suffering from iffy machines for years together, Mr. Anjan Bose took a chance on Su-Kam. And it has, like for thousands of others, turned out to be the best thing he did. Using his Su-Kam 2.5kbi inverter now for over a year, Mr. Bose from Kolkata in West Bengal says that it is ‘Perfect’ technology, that suits him perfectly! His entire perception of power back-up has been transformed for the better, thanks to Su-Kam.

Technologically advanced, indigenously manufactured and endlessly reliable, Su-Kam heralded a new wave in inverter & power back-up products, which many have benefited from. Mr. Varun Singh from Noida, Mrs. Swati Jaiswal from Dehra Dun, Mr. Rajiv Agarwal from Alwar, Rajasthan; Su-Kam customers spread across India, have experienced a new & totally reliable back-up, because of Su-Kam inverters & batteries. And they are all tremendously happy.

The brand has constantly updated itself, upgraded its technology and brought the very best to market and to its customers. The Sine Wave inverter, a true progression in inverter technology, has also been pioneered by Su-Kam. Mr. Karthik Duddala from Andhra Pradesh and Mr. Roopak Nath from Assam, have been using their respective Su-Kam Sine Wave inverters for some time now and have never felt more secure about having constant, clean, energy back-up.

Over time, Su-Kam has done tremendous work in power back-up. Not only have they garnered a robust customer set in their decade old existence, they continue to innovate and add more customers to their fold. Mr. Baidya Nath Sinha from West Bengal, Mr. Ramendra Sinha from Ghaziabad and Mr. Ranjeet Khan from Rajasthan are all recent Su-Kam customers, who have been using Su-Kam machines for about 6-8 months. They all say that Su-Kam is, by far, the best power back-up money can buy!

Perfect power back-up, with tech-perfect Su-Kam!

Mr. Anjan Bose (252A Raipur Road P.O.Regent Estate   700092Mobile no: 9831583575 email id:

Mr. Varun Singh (B-68, POCKET 7, KENDRIYA VIHAR 2 SECTOR 82, NOIDA   201304 Mobile no: 9818668529 email id:

Mrs. Swati Jaiswal (34, Raipur Road Near Sethi Nursing Home   248001 Mobile no: 9720168603 email id:

Mr. Rajiv Agarwal (GA-327(A),M.I.A., ALWAR(RAJASTHAN)   301010 Mobile no: 9899996788 email id:

Mr. Karthik Duddala (9-1-119/1/A, Old Lancer Lane   500025 Mobile no: 4027703201 email id:

Mr. Rupak Nath (Gulf Ashley Motor Ltd. FCI Godown Road Ramnagar 788003 Mobile no: 9435239328 email id:

Mr. Baidya Nath Sinha (657 TATA Bearings Housing Complex P.O Rakhajungle Via Kharagpur Dist Paschim Madinipur 721301 Mobile no: 9232604763 email id:

Mr. Ramendra Sinha (House No.140, Sector-9 Eklavya Vihar, Vasundhara Ghaziabad 201012 Mobile no: 9899575848 email id:

Mr. Ranjeet Khan ( LADNUN RAJASHTAN 341306 Mobile no: 9828680661 email id:




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