All round back-up with Su-Kam

Su-Kam’s products are known all over the world for their technology & efficiency. But what really sets them apart is the 360° support & back-up that these products come with. An assurance of the best customer service & after-sales support are given to ensure trouble-free use and ownership. A number of Su-Kam patrons endorse this fact vehemently.

Availability and good service engineers are the key strengths of Su-Kam. It’s really a good product and has the best service,” says a satisfied Suvendu Halder from Kolkata, of his Su-Kam inverter. Ankur Garg from Bangalore adds that when he investigated, the recommendation was overwhelmingly in Su-Kam’s favor; “Market mein puch-taach ki and then I got Su-Kam at home.” All this because the technical service support is simply super.

Many other now satisfied users of Su-Kam products continue to use & suggest the brand for the same reasons as Suvendu & Ankur. Nilesh Jain from New Delhi says, “I got the reference from my friends and relatives about Su-Kam’s amazing customer support and only then did I purchase the product.” Similarly, fellow Delhi-ite Ashish Kapoor admits, “I had heard about the product & customer support in the market and also about the performance of the Sinwave inverter. I am fully satisfied with Su-Kam.” Pawan Meena from Mumbai, having used competitive products in the past, saw a marked difference with Su-Kam. “Using 10kva inverter since 2 years; I had heard about the product and I found it better. The service is good and I am overall satisfied with the product and the service.”

Not just recommendations; peoples’ own research & experiences make Su-Kam a clear winner in terms of the product as well as in support parameters. “I have been using a Su-Kam tubular battery and am satisfied with the product and the service. Two things for Su-Kam that I can say is that service is better than most and it is a renowned product,” says Shriyansh Gupta of Meerut. Manas Bose from Kerala has the same opinion; “I compared the various products available in the market and then I purchased the product. I am completely satisfied with the product and the service. Quality, service and the product is overall good.” Finally, Rakesh Soni from Faridabad has this to say, “Bahut hi badhiya hai ye product and Su-Kam ka service bhi acha hai.”

It’s what separates good brands from great brands. An overall experience that checks all the right boxes. Efficient products, reliable products, value for money; all backed by the most thorough customer support. It is the same reason why countless Su-Kam users have come to know the brand as a leader in support services. Raman Anand from Jodhpur sums it up appropriately. He says, “With Su-Kam, the product is good, the service is good, the customer support team is good, the sales team has shown excellence in their work.”

Excellence then, is indeed what makes Su-Kam the respected & widely-patronized brand that it is. All round back-up, unlike any other!




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