All-round development at Su-Kam

Nishant Kumar Singh, a young employee of Su-kam is all praise for it and feels that Su-Kam has played a very pivotal role in his allround development

Even as a relatively young employee at Su Kam, I feel that working here has broadened my horizons in many ways. Although I’ve worked here a short while, I see myself and the world differently. Is this something I should thank my employers for? Yes. Very much so.

I feel Su-Kam is a company that provides you with the best opportunities to grow – both professionally and personally. In the two years that I have been associated with Su-Kam, I have found a new, self-assured and go-getting side to myself; a side I never knew existed. Frankly, I was very shy as a college student. I could not speak confidently before a class of even 50 people. But after spending a couple of years at Su-Kam, I can easily talk to a 500-strong audience. That is the kind of confidence I have gained here.

Public speaking is just one of the many skills I have learnt at Su-Kam. It is, in fact, an environment that nurtures overall development. By setting a stage where each employee, no matter what department he or she is in, has a lot of opportunity to learn and explore. I am a changed person today. The credit goes to this company, which has provided me with opportunities to learn, work and grow. We get a chance to visit our R&D department every month where we learn about the technical aspects of work. In my first year here, I was in sales where I learnt the art of selling. I was then shifted to the marketing department. Marketing has great scope and I learnt a lot over there too. Now I’m with the service department . Such huge prospects of growth and learning are hard to find anywhere else!

One would wonder how a big company like Su-Kam manages to provide such variation to its employees. Well, Su-Kam is a very democratic corporate. There is a hierarchy in the organisation but no red tapism. There is a corporate structure, but one that it is easy to penetrate. Right from an intern to the senior management, all are part of a big, happy family. There are no walls or boundaries in families, right? “ The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about Su-Kam is its working environment. The HR is so good over here that you get the chance to interact with everyone. In Su-Kam, if you have some good ideas, you can directly go up to the MD, Kunwer Sachdev. With an open door policy, anyone can approach anyone and can share their ideas.”

All in all, Su-Kamians are a happy bunch of people. Employee relations here are competitive but not in a negative way. What comes across first is a feeling of togetherness, a feeling of oneness. “The bonding is great. We celebrate all festivals over here. Last Saturday was May 1 – Smiling Day – which we also celebrated!”

Celebrating, innovating, and performing; Su-Kam is a truly an MNC, but with distinct Indian flavours. With the flavours of family, values and caring, it is undoubtedly the best place to work!




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