Su-Kam: Augmenting Afghanistan Telecom


After quite a tumultuous period, Afghanistan’s progress in the recent times have been  commendable. Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd has also contributed to the growth and development, which was a considerable challenge. Su-Kam, with its technology and people has contributed significantly in developing the telecommunications sector in the country. The telecommunications department of the Government of Afghanistan needed to install communications towers  across  17 provinces powered entirely by solar energy, with a diesel generator as a stand by.


The official department chose Su-Kam against a global competition for the task of providing the entire solar power solution on a turnkey bass. Te following systems were installed in Afghanistan by Su-Kam:


  1. PCU, built in charge controller
  2. Solar Panels (monocrystalline cells)


The entire system is powered by Su-Kam’s innovative Power Conditioning Unit, developed through its own in-house R&D . The PCU is designed to always give preference to solar power and will use power from the grid or the diesel generator only when the available solar power or battery  charge is insufficient.


This project has given a new life to the telecommunications sector in Afghanistan by providing an ideal solution of national importance and has made a huge impact in the lives of the people.  




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