Su-kam success saga continues…..

Qurahi from Djibouti is very impressed with Su-kam. He has been using an SMF battery from Su-kam and can’t stop raving about it. He claims that the product has helped him to secure the health of his family and thereby his happiness. Qurahi is very lavish in his praise for Su-kam and says, “I was using a conventional lead acid battery before and considered it to be the best until I came to know about Su-kam’s SMF battery. I came to know from my family doctor that unlike other batteries, this battery doesn’t emit lead fumes which are really dangerous for our health. So, I got one installed at my home around 30 months back. The comfort of using this battery is amazing. No need for water topping, no fear of acid spillage and the most important thing; no emission of poisonous lead fumes from the battery. It is a great product, install it and forget about it. It has given me peace of mind and secured my family’s health and happiness. I hope everybody understands the need of SMF battery and my advice is…. switch to Su-Kam SMF, buddy!”

Yazen Qurahi is not the only one praising Su-kam, rather his opinion is reiterated by all the customers of Su-kam in one way or another. Manish Kumar Deo, a BHEL Engineer from Noida says, “Su-kam products are very good in quality and easy to use”. Ashish Srivastava from Lucknow on the other hand expresses his admiration for the brand and the people behind the brand. He says, “Aap ka group ek bahut hi accha group hai jo kam samay main logon ko apna bana leta hai. i.e. Su-kam is a very good company and makes a place for itself in people’s hearts in a very short time.”

R Chandrasekhar from Chennai is yet another customer who is very happy with his Su-kam product, a UPS cum inverter. “The Su-kam UPS really makes us sukam (happy); especially during summer season. The excellent back-up and immediate customer care by the technicians of the company should be rewarded. Hats off to Su-kam!”

Thus customers from all over the world are very satisfied with the Su-kam products and services.




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