Su-Kam becomes the largest provider of Solar Powered back up solutions in North East India

Solar Powered energy solutions: An easy alternative for tackling the twin problems of widening power deficits and mounting carbon emissions

Su-Kam Power Systems Limited, the leading player in the power back-up industry in India, has worked in unison with the govt. authorities to become the largest provider of solar powered back up solution in North East India.  The company has till date installed back up solutions to the capacity of 700 kW, the largest in the region. One of the landmark projects undertaken by the company is the Assam Rifles Project

Non-availability of adequate grid Supply and Poor quality & reliability of the same has resulted in enabling authorities in Assam/North Eastern States to take up the alternate route of utilizing solar power for their energy needs.  The authorities have realized that tapping renewable sources of energy is the only alternative way of tackling the twin problems of widening power deficits and mounting carbon emissions.

 About the Project: Assam Rifles Project

Assam Rifles project is a landmark project in the history of solar power projects at Su-Kam. The project was awarded to Su-Kam through Rajasthan Electronics and Instrument Limited (REIL).

The Assam Rifles Project required Su-Kam to supply, install, commission and maintain 50 KW off-grid solar power plants at nine locations in Manipur and Nagaland; 3 locations in Nagaland and 6 in Manipur respectively. The entire scope of work was undertaken by Su-Kam and the project was implemented over a period of 8 months. 

Implementation & Maintenance 

The solar power plants installed at nine remote locations in Nagaland and Manipur are being used for fulfilling the daily energy demand of offices and residences of the Assam Rifles team of the Indian Army. Su-Kam team has been working on this project 24×7, providing easy and renewable energy solutions in the areas. Su-Kam has used best in class material that includes Su-Kam make solar inverters, charge controllers and Tubular Gel batteries. Some sites have now been in operation for more than four months now. 

 The project which was undertaken by the Su-Kam project team amidst immense hardships and challenges posed by the harsh terrains has solved the dual purpose of meeting the power needs in the area and reducing carbon emissions. Working further towards a cleaner, greener planet, Su-Kam is upbeat about undertaking many more projects on the same lines in the near future. 

Challenges Faced

 Installing a workable solar power plant at these remote locations was a challenging task for the Su-Kam project team. The sites were remote and logistical as well as management challenges were immense. The rugged terrains, unavailability of trained manpower and lack of proper communication devices were other challenges in the area.


 Proper project and manpower planning was of utmost importance and so was the team spirit as several parties in the past have come back from the area without completing their projects.Su-Kam, in its efforts to successfully commission the project, employed local personnel and trained them in installation, commissioning and upkeep of the solar power plants. 
The company employed its expertise in installation of initial projects closer to the capital city of Imphal. The learning from the initial project locations were then applied to the latter locations. The company has taken the mandate of providing maintenance service to the set up for the next five years. 


 The Assam Rifles Project was the 1st project undertaken by Su-Kam in powering up the headquarters of the Indian Army in the region. The lack of adequate power supply at these remote locations had increased the dependence of the Army on cumbersome sources of power back up solutions with huge dependence on non renewable sources of fuel like diesel.  The utilization of the renewable source of energy of the sun is also contributing towards a greener environment.


Su-Kam had taken initiatives in employing local personnel and trained them in installation, commissioning and upkeep of the solar power plants.The trained personnel have been posted at these areas to maintain the set up in these sites now.



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