Su-kam: Providing world class services

I stay away from my parents but wish to provide all the modern amenities to them so that they live a comfortable life. My parents are based in Nashik and I am staying in Pune due to my job. Nashik is plagued by power cuts for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening everyday that is why I bought Su-kam Inverter and 200 MPR battery to protect my parents from the discomforts caused by power cuts.

Initially I checked with the local dealers and they suggested Su-kam alongwith few other options. Then I checked out the internet for reviews and found that Su-kam enjoyed a great repute in the market.  This made me choose Su-kam over its competitors in the market.

As I was buying this inverter for my parents, I wanted a product that was maintenance friendly and I can say that my decision has been fully vindicated. I am 200 per cent satisfied with the product and the services of the company.

Buying Su-kam inverter has also brought happiness to my family, especially my dad. He is a true cricket lover and he hates any interruptions while watching a match. Earlier he had to miss seeing the matches due to power cuts but now he does not have to worry about missing any match, all thanks to Su-kam. My mother’s daily routine is also not disrupted due to these blasted power cuts anymore.

In an interesting incident I realized how powerful Su-kam inverter is. Once I was cooking at home and just when I was about to use my mixer to grind some masala, there was a power cut. I went ahead and used my mixer with the help of my Su-kam inverter and it worked perfectly fine.

I am also very satisfied with the services offered by Su-kam. In fact, when I was trying to buy the inverter and the battery, the local dealer kept telling me that the products that I needed were unavailable. Therefore, I went ahead and talked directly to Su-kam’s service engineer, Mr Pawankumar Agnihotri and Marketing Head, Mr Narendra Somani. They ensured that I got prompt service and I procured the products I needed without any further hassles. Hence, I can say, great customer service, excellent marketing and superior quality products give Su-kam an edge over its counterparts.




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