Su-kam: A great learning ground

Sandeep Tomar, Sr. Executive, Marketing and Corporate Communication, Su-kam. Sandeep Tomar, a part of Su-kam’s Marketing and Sales team, is a major contributor to the company’s growth story.

“The only source of knowledge is experience”

– Albert Einstein

This is an undeniable fact and I am lucky to be a part of an organization like Su-kam that helps me to gain invaluable experience and thereby knowledge that would stand me in good stead for the rest of my life. I joined Su-kam almost two years ago as a dewy-eyed fresher with lots of dreams and literally no knowledge about the nitty-gritty of the fast paced and highly competitive corporate world. Su-kam has helped to find my feet in this world and has honed my key skills.

My profile that consists of a lot of traveling as well as constant interaction with different people has enabled me to learn and perfect new skills. One of them is the ability to size up and judge people pretty soon, an essential skill for every person associated with the marketing field. Patience, perseverance, hard work and never say die attitude are some of the other things I have learnt at Su-kam. Its friendly and relaxed work culture, continuous rewards and incentives offered for quality work, freedom to express new ideas, equal and continuous opportunities to all etc are some of the other factors that make working at Su-kam a great learning and enjoyable experience.

However, what makes Su-kam a truly special and wonderful place to work is its humane side. It is a company that genuinely cares for its employees and their well-being. This is evidenced in several small ways on a daily basis but it becomes even more apparent when a Su-kamian is in trouble and needs help and support. This is something I now from my personal experience.
My mother was ill and my family needed me to be with them during this time but as I said earlier, my work involves lot of traveling and touring on a regular basis. Therefore, I approached my superior and asked to be relieved of tasks that needed traveling for a few weeks until from my mother recovered her health. I was immediately granted my request and was assigned two projects that did not require any traveling for the next few weeks

The lack of stringent hierarchy and the friendly atmosphere is also a big lure. Su-kam is genuinely a large but closely connected family rather than just a corporate organization. Recently we had a Holi party where everyone right from the top management to the office boys could be seen mingling and enjoying without a thought to their positions and designations.

I feel that I couldn’t have picked a better place to work. The place has given me a great avenue to not only grow and expand my horizons but also to become a better individual.




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