Su-Kam is a dream come true

I joined Su-Kam only 9 months ago as a management trainee but I can already see that this is a company with a difference. I connected with Su-Kam online for the first time. I had uploaded my resume on the net and was surprised when they called me directly in connection with an opening. Usually headhunting agencies call you for placement but in this case, the company made the call.
When I joined I realized that this was how the company functions. It is a very flat organization in terms of hierarchy and the environment is very open and free. The training is great and makes a great value-addition to management trainees’ lives. They trained us for 6 months in various areas like purchase, quality, sales and marketing. Very few companies do this because it is an expense for them. But Su-Kam treats it like an investment. At each point, you get to learn something new.
Another good thing about the company is that you can approach the senior management at any point in time. They are really helpful and if you are facing any problem, they are there. The environment is great. Although Su-Kam is a highly professional organisation, at its heart, it is like a family. It is a team that works together and stays together.
When we met our MD at a party, he told us that he had a dream for us. We are being trained to take tremendous responsibility and be flexible to handle any department. It feels great that the company thinks ahead for us.
For me, Su-Kam is a dream company to start with. Not only do we get to learn a lot, but we all work together like a family towards a common goal for the company.  To sum it up, Su-Kam a great organization to work with.

Ashok Mishra




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