Su-Kam’s corporate social responsibility

Su-Kam has grown not only in terms of increasing volumes of sales or spiraling revenues but also in terms of widening horizons and increasing consciousness of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Su-Kam is committed for building a responsible and sustainable business which takes in to account of the social and environment aspects in which it operates. Being part of the community, we carry the responsibility to act in a way that respects the social, economic and environmental well being of the people in the society. Our business guidelines describe the standards of behavior expected from those working for the company. The company supports different charitable societies and organization involved in facilitating blinds, orphanage and handicaps in monetary terms or by providing them the necessary items.

For ensuring the healthier environment with in the company and maintaining green world, we have certified ourselves with ISO 14001. It takes regular account of various environmental matters on periodical basis.

As a company we are committed for implementing our environmental policies, regularly review of our policies to deal with specific issue wherever and whenever necessary and communicate the policy internally.

Some of our Initiatives:

highwayBlooming Highways: Su-Kam is the first company in India to have committed participation in Blooming Highways, an Eco-Tourism project of The Government of Himachal Pradesh. The project envisages the beautification of nearly 240 Km’s of road between Kiratpur Sahib (Punjab) and Manali (HP). This stretch will be banked with ornamental and flowering trees as well as color foliage.

Su-Kam has taken on the responsibility of covering the most prominent section on this route, between Manali and Kullu on NH-21 (the Picturesque Right Bank along the river Beas) covering road segments adding-up to 7 km. In the words of Shri KJBV Subrahmanyam lAS, Divisional Commissioner, Mandi (HP), “Su-Kam has been the first among the corporate’s to contact us and commit themselves to this cause”. This initiative is indicative of and is consistent with our strong sense of values as well as awareness of our social obligations.

carHybrid Battery Car: As a part of its Corporate Social responsibility Su-Kam has sponsored a Battery pack to the group of students in Amity College of Engineering and Technology to develop a hybrid Car. This hybrid Vehicle uses electric battery to power electric motors. This car has a facility of on/off board charging system for batteries. The main idea in this hybrid car is to propel the vehicle with the help of a motor being powered by the batteries. This will reduce dependence on oil. The hybrid car is using 6 No of Deep discharge Lead acid batteries of 190AH for powering its engine.

ngoAssociation with NGO’s: Su-Kam is also associated with several NGO’s including the PAN Indian organization, Family Vision by sponsoring and participating in various events organized by them for the underprivileged children.

Su-Kam continues on its fulfilling journey. A journey driven by power solutions and STILL MILES TO GO….



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