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There are companies that satisfy their customers by providing excellent service. There are companies that have well-oiled and motivated dealers and distributors. But to combine these very separate aspects into one successful entity is a job very few companies have managed to do. Su-Kam, proudly, has achieved this unique distinction.

Su-Kam is widely regarded as the leader in power back-up products and solutions. Its many revolutionary products – be it the country’s first home UPS system, the first Solar inverter, or its non-polluting batteries – have all found great acceptance. Such is the class of Su-Kam that people who once try a product from the company, become loyal lifelong customers.

Su-Kam has had a similar effect on its supply chain. There is scarcely a single corner of the country where Su-Kam products will not be available. Su-Kam hasn’t merely developed an exhaustive, widespread distribution network, it has, perhaps more importantly, developed an endearing and personal relationship with its dealers and distributors. It extends beyond business, and makes each Su-Kam dealer feel part of the Su-Kam family.

It’s a win-win situation then…the public demands Su-Kam’s products, and the company’s dealers are only too happy to oblige. And while it may all sound too good to be true, here’s the truth – a sample of real life Su-Kam customers and dealers. They provide proof of the love for the company, and its favoured status.

Dr. Shariq is a Su-Kam customer from Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. His inverter has worked perfectly from the time he bought it. Like him, Mr. Dinesh Soni from Lucknow, and Mr. Mustaque Ahmad from Varanasi are also satisfied Su-Kam customers. Mr. Dilip Chaurasia from Kanpur, and Mr. Santosh from Indore, have been using Su-Kam inverters for a long time, and are very happy. Max Power Battery, as the name suggests, is a dealer of Su-Kam from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Garg Automobile from Rajgarh, and National Battery Center in Harda, both from Madhya Pradesh, are also Su-Kam dealers. They have an excellent relationship, and are grateful for their association, with brand Su-Kam

Its plain to see then, that Su-Kam is loved by one and all. Sab Ka Su-Kam.

Contact info of some of the above customers:

Mr. Santosh: 5, Sanskar Building, Shri Aurobindo Hospital Campus, Sanwer, Indore – 453111.

National Battery:




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