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Customer satisfaction is the goal every company, selling any product or service, aims for. At the most basic level, the product or service itself must meet the need of the consumer. But beyond that, it is also maintenance, service support and a constant relationship with the customer, that a company must have, to make the ownership & user experience trouble-free and secure. It is this after-sales service that determines if a customer will eventually become loyal to the brand or not. Customer satisfaction, then, is the number one priority for every brand.

Su-Kam is one company that has mastered the art of customer satisfaction. What begins with an economical purchase of any of Su-Kam’s power back-up products turns into a superb user experience, thanks to the excellent performance of the machines. And eventually, by supporting their products with good, efficient, and prompt technical service back-up, Su-Kam ensures that a person, once a Su-Kam customer, is always a Su-Kam customer.

Hundreds and thousands have experienced this awesome power that Su-Kam gives its customers. Through the length and breadth of the country, one can find lots of Su-Kam customers, who are willing to share their wonderful experiences with brand Su-Kam, pledging, in many cases, that they will never leave the brand! Such loyalty is surely an ode to the high customer satisfaction levels that Su-Kam has managed to achieve.

Take this sample from the state of Uttar Pradesh. All these people have felt the support and nurturing philosophy of Su-Kam and are proud to be associated with the brand. From Varanasi, we have Mr. Solilam Kumar, Mr. Raghvendra Chaubey and the Chand Brothers (Su-Kam dealer). From Lucknow, there is Mr. Suraj Prasad, Mr. Azhar Ali and Sun Power Systems (dealer). Ruby Enterprises is another Su-Kam dealer from Gazipur and Mr. B P Pal is a long term Su-Kam customer from Faizabad.

These people and organisations have come together because of the power they have received from Su-Kam. They are joined in their praise of brand Su-Kam, representing absolute customer satisfaction!

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