Su-Kam offers total support

In my 12 years of being a dealer for Su-Kam, the company has become very big, and along with the company, my business has also increased. But any dealer like me will tell you that a Su-Kam dealership is not just business. The relationship the dealer and Su-Kam share is a complete relationship – it has trust, support, products, service, schemes, everything. No one supports dealers like Su-Kam. That is my personal experience.

The quality is good, the service is prompt, the marketing people are responsive, the distributors, the company ethics…they are all good. Their trade practices are fair and they deliver on time. That is why Su-Kam is the leader. Their market value is number one because their customer service is great. If service is given on time, customers’ response is usually good.

The other important thing about working with Su-Kam is that there is always a lot of interaction between the dealers and the company. This interaction is not just about having fun at dealer meets but about getting positive inputs that help business. They always give dealers precious feedback, support them in every possible way and never let them down.

I can only say that this relationship should grow and prosper. I’d also like to add that they should keep supporting us as they have before so that our business keeps growing. Total support will mean total success!

– Rajeev




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