Su-kam on a growth path

Thomas Joseph Tuscano

The reputation of a company and its brand name both are very crucial for success. This is clearly evidenced in the case of Su-kam. I have been a dealer of Su-kam since 2003 and one of my major reasons for taking up this dealership was the good repute and market value enjoyed by Su-kam even back then. Even people who were not Su-kam users had heard about the company and its good quality products. This major factor contributed in my decision to become a Su-kam dealer.

Since the time I became a dealer, my faith and belief in Su-kam has multiplied manifold. I have realized that Su-kam offers what it promises to its customers i.e. great quality products. Moreover, it is a company that constantly improves through innovation and relentless efforts. This is again proved by the company wide range and growing portfolio of new-age products as well as the excellent market value of Su-kam. I am a dealer who only sells Su-kam’s products and it is because of the measure of trust and conviction that I have in Su-kam.

As I said before, Su-kam is on the path of continuous progress and growth. Its effective advertising tactics, brand building strategy etc are all footholds on its way to the top. I am happy to be associated with this growing company and thus become a part of its success.

Thomas Joseph Tuscano

Parikh commercial centre,

Shop no. 5, Agashi Road,

Near Hotel On the way,

Virar (W).




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