Delhi loves Su-kam!

Mr S.D Chabbra, a resident of New Delhi is all praise for Su-kam. He uses Su-kam MAK 850VA and is very happy with the product. He narrates an experience when the stabilizer at his residence and started malfunctioning. This adversely affected several of his appliances like the water pump, geyser and cordless phone however the appliances that were connected with the Su-kam inverter were saved. Thus Su-kam proved its reliability and world-class technology and therefore Mr Chabbra has become a fan of Su-kam for life. Now he swears by the brand and its products and claims that he would prefer Su-kam for power backup solutions.

Mr Manas Singh, another resident of New Delhi reiterates Mr Chabbra’s views and states that he has been using Su-kam Falcon 800VA inverter since last two years. He is very impressed by the products technology and features. He says that it is “the best in class”. His Su-kam SMF-165 battery too works perfectly and he has had no complaints for it so far. Thus he is pleased with Su-kam and commends the company for its great product range.

Mr Naveen Gupta and Mr Yatender Sharma have the same opinion to share. They both have been using Su-kam and are very satisfied by the product and the after sale services provided. While Mr Gupta is using Su-kam at home, Mr Sharma is associated with Su-kam at his workplace. Both give rave reviews to the company and its products as well as services. His company has installed Su-kam products it its 30 branches across the country.

Mr Nishant Singh on the other hand is very impressed by the SMF batteries from Su-kam. He says that it is a very safe product and also very offers great features like no water topping every three months, no fear of acid spillage, no lead fumes to spoil your health. Thus he feels that Su-kam helps him to keep his family safe and healthy.

Thus Su-kam is a great favourite with Delhiites.  It is a very popular and well-loved brand in the capital of India.




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