Su-Kam Distributes Solar Lights and Food to Nepal Earthquake Victims

About a week ago when we were jolted by earthquake at Su-Kam’s office in Gurgaon, all of us rushed and evacuated the office. Minutes later as things settled down and we logged back in, we were shocked to know about the deadly intensity of earthquake in Nepal. We immediately tried to get in touch with our team in Nepal and were relieved to know that they were all fine.

Nepal EArthquake

Su-Kam is so loved as a brand in Nepal that one of our manufacturing facility is based in the beautiful country. Thankfully our office in Nepal escaped the wrath of quake with minor damages as you can see in the picture below.

Su-Kam Warehouse in Nepal

Next few of days as aftershocks continued to make the relief and rescue efforts more difficult we decided to do whatever we can to help people. With the help of our team and our business partner, Alok Mallu, in Nepal we were able to assess the damages and figured that dry food and solar home lighting systems would be very useful for the quake victims. We also arranged for big umbrellas to give shelter to people.

Su-Kam Preparing Relief Material

Su-Kam Umbrella in NepalTo make sure that the aid reaches the needy our Brand Managar, Kanav Sachdeva, flew to Nepal. The team went to remote areas in Nepal which were difficult to access. They distributed food and solar homelighting system as the power situation in Nepal is quite bad at the moment – solar powered lights can be a major help here.

Su-Kam Delivering Food in Nepal

Nepal Earthquake Victims Installing Solar



“We do hope and pray that our humble support helps the earthquake victims in Nepal and in the affected parts of India to get back to normalcy at the earliest,” said Kanav, as he boarded his flight back to Su-Kam’s Head Office.

Nepal Team Su-Kam

We are also very proud of our employees who donated their one day’s salary to fund Su-Kam’s ongoing relief effort in Nepal. It is so nice to see our Su-Kamians in solidarity with our Nepalese cousins. We are also very thankful to our business partner, Alok Mallu, for his commitment for helping Nepal in this our of need – he continues to lead the relief work there.



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