Su-Kam – Pride of Punjab!

Punjab, and its hearty citizens, arguably represent the most resilient section of the Indian population. They are enterprising, proud, compassionate and daring. And their contribution to the growth of the nation is both, substantial and unquestionable. So when Punjab patronizes a particular brand in large numbers, it is a resounding affirmation of the brand & its products; of quality & assurance. That brand is Su-Kam. Its many power back-up solutions have caught the imagination of Punjab and its people, who have made Su-Kam their dependable partner, in prosperity & living.

Mr. Darshan Jain from Jalandhar purchased a Su-Kam inverter over a year ago and is enjoying the constant power back-up from his perfectly performing Su-Kam inverter. Also, it was recommended to him by friends & relatives, which is further proof of Su-Kam’s popularity & patronage in the state. There are countless examples like that of Mr. Jain. Like Mr. J S Virdi, who has also been using his Su-Kam inverter for a long period of time, and is most satisfied with his purchase.

Similar stories are echoed by other loyal Su-Kam users from Punjab. Mr. Balbir Rai Dhiman has been a Su-Kam customer and his decision to buy a Su-Kam was also largely influenced by the brand’s superb market reputation. And he’s very happy with his buy. Mr. Charanjeet Singh from Jalandhar also set out to buy an inverter and his research revealed that dealers unanimously suggested Su-Kam. Paying heed to this market-pulse, he too bought Su-Kam and is thoroughly satisfied with the product!

It is not one, but perhaps a set of attributes that combine to give Su-Kam an enviable goodwill. Economical pricing, modern technology, clean running, efficient usage, compact design & dimensions, long-lasting & reliable performance; are all reasons that have been cited by customers as reasons that they love their respective Su-Kam machines.

That Su-Kam has a pan-India presence is hardly news; but the way Punjab seems to have taken to the brand is truly amazing! Mr. Ashok Kumar Suneja, Mr. Shahsi Bansal and Mr. S K Singh are others from the state, who are happy Su-Kamians. And along with somebody like Mr. Vijay Kumar, who is a 3-year veteran Su-Kam customer, Su-Kam has found the perfect set of loyal customers in Punjab!




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