Su-Kam – Machine one , advantages many

Mr. Srikant Ladia and Mr. Punj Prakash, from the nation’s capital Delhi; Mr. Jasbir Singh from Ambala; Mrs.Savita Sood from Gurgaon and Mr. Pankaj Bansal from Palwal; Mr.Vinod Negi from Ghaziabad; Mr. Chetan Agarwal from Barabanki; Mr. Amit Bhillore from Bhopal; Mr. Umesh Gupta from Muzaffarpur; and Mr. Hiralal Sinha from Bankuta in West Bengal.

This is not a list of bravery award winners. It is a section of real Su-Kam customers who, as one can clearly see, dot every part of the great Indian landscape. People who have been using Su-Kam inverters, batteries and UPS systems for more than a year, and are joint together in unanimous praise for the company, its products, and its service. So what makes Su-Kam products being so good?

Well there isn’t just one answer. The advantages begin with the prices of a Su-Kam power back-up product. They are competitively priced, and high value-for-money propositions. Secondly, they are built with aesthetic designs and are compact, hence easy to keep in homes and offices. Thirdly, Su-Kam employs the latest technologies in these products. Be it sine wave technology, solar power, or MOFSET – all Su-Kam products are cutting edge products. This itself leads to two vital attributes, reliability and efficiency. Not only are these products engineered robustly so they almost never break down, they emit little or no pollution, are frugal to run, and easy to service.

All in all, these machines represent the very best in power back-up products, and lead to the best product and brand experience in the industry. In fact, their reliability and longevity has become the stuff of legend. There are Su-Kam customers who have been using their inverters for as long as eight years, and they continue to enjoy faultless service.

Many have tested and found that Su-Kam is the absolute benchmark when it comes to power back-up. They know that with one Su-Kam, they get many, many usability advantages, and years of stellar performance.




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