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What are the world’s most successful companies built on? Is it hard work? Is it a vision? Or is it luck? It can be argued that it is actually a combination of all these elements. But there is one factor that really separates the successful companies from the iconic ones – and that is innovation. Through history, we have several examples of the most admired brands also being the most innovative ones. Take Apple for example. Challenging the norms of computing and portable music, the iPod and iMac have become icons in their respective product categories, and this has happened because of relentless innovation.

A similar story lies behind the immense success of Su-Kam. The power back-up giant challenged conventional wisdom about twelve years ago, when people either used loud & polluting generators, or home-made and crude inverters for power back-up. Along came Su-Kam, and using innovative technologies and manufacturing, completely transformed the power back-up sector. It gave not just India, but the world, a set of completely world class and reliable inverters.

The strong philosophy of technological innovation continues to guide operations, research & development, and manufacturing at Su-Kam. Just one look at the list of patents and awards conferred upon Su-Kam is proof of how seriously the brand takes constant innovation. Take for example, solar inverters – a world first. Then there is partnering with universities to develop battery-operated cars, which is an India first. The list of firsts to Su-Kam’s credit are endless, and hence the brand’s tag line – Ek Nayi Soch.

It is this philosophy that millions of customers have found most endearing about Su-Kam. People in droves have patronized the company’s power back-up products. From India’s first Home UPS to non-polluting batteries and high capacity sine wave inverters, Su-Kam has been adopted by the masses across India.

The Lucknow Gramophone House is one example of a Su-Kam user. The store has been using a Su-Kam inverter for many years, and thanks to the reliability of the machine, they enjoy constant business. There are many like Gramophone House. Mr. Shekhar from Allahabad, United Battery (dealer) from Kanpur, Mr. Kripa Shankar Pandey from Faizabad, Mr. Ajay Ray from Kanpur, Mr. Vinod Kumar Mishra from Faizabad and Raj Video (dealer) from Sitapur. All these dealers and customers from Uttar Pradesh have experienced first hand, the awesome reliability of their Su-Kam machines, thanks to the innovative technology that has gone into each one.

Ek Nayi Soch, has been the founding principal of Su-Kam, and the reason for its tremendous success.

Contact info of some of the above customers:

Lucknow Gramophone House: BARABANKI NR DANOKAR Talab

Mr.Shekhar: 21/96/8A KALA DADA






  1. Indeed you have a good brand. I have enjoyed the product that I own, but recently it has started faltering and probably you already know the charges of getting it services are a bit too much. It is hard not to switch loyalties when you the after sales service is too pricey!

    • Hi Saurabh,

      Glad to know that you liked our products. We try to give the best to our customers. It is the same with our service. We believe that quality comes before money and we are sure that you agree with us.

      Su-Kam Executive

    • Thank you for believing in us. We are sorry that you have been facing this problem. We really value our customers and your feedback is very important. Can you please tell me the details? Write to me on Thanks!

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