Su-Kam – A name for all power back-up products

For years now, Su-Kam has provided some of the best power back-up solutions, to the nation and the world. The company’s products – inverters, UPS systems, batteries – are extremely popular throughout the country, and even exported to over 25 countries. What they represent is the benchmark for power back-up, combining the best of technologies with a stable price band. Su-Kam, no doubt, has the most widely patronized range of power back-up products.

Through constant innovations in using newer and greener technologies, and a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit, Su-Kam has revolutionized a redundant sector of the market. And it continues to lead the way in a world increasingly under threat from Global Warming, rising pollution levels, and environmental degradation.

In this atmosphere, Su-Kam follows a two pronged approach – bettering its conventional line of products, by making them more efficient; and tapping into natural and non-polluting resources such as Solar energy. This spirit of innovation, and the reliable products that it spawns, has won Su-Kam acclaim from the industry, as well as customers. Su-Kam’s patrons are spread far and wide, here’s a look at a small sample:

In Panchkula, there is Mr. Amandeep Verma and Mr. J. K. Dar. In Madurai, there is RS Power Systems. In Coimbatore, Regen Powetech Private Limited. In Trichy, Powercom Systems & Services. Chandigarh has Mr. Dinesh, Mr. Y. C. Soni and Mr. J. P. Gupta.

Su-Kam’s customers are both personal home users, as well as businesses. All the above people have been Su-Kam customers for many years, and have enjoyed the company’s products and splendid technical service. They have become staunch patrons of the brand. They have all experienced Su-Kam Ka Kamaal. With their inverters and UPS systems, they are able to lead empowered lives at home, give their families the comforts they desire. They run the businesses they have invested so much of their time, effort and money in smoothly with uninterrupted Su-Kam power.

The question then remains, have you experienced Su-Kam?




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