Su-Kam – From small town to big city

There is immense diversity in India – cultural, ethnic, racial, geographical, financial. On one hand there are tiny villages of populations lesser than a thousand people; on the other, megacities with millions of people. On one is deep rooted tradition, on the other is a simultaneous adoption of western liberalism. The amazing thing is that every corner of this country is threaded by one company’s excellent range of power back-up products – Su-Kam.

Be it the quiet Indore, or sky-scraping Mumbai, Su-Kam has spread its products and name throughout the country. Its inverters are hallowed agents of power, its UPS systems, be it for home or office, smooth and efficient, and its batteries have redefined the product category itself. Patronized by millions, Su-Kam has straddled small town, to big city, and everything in between. The proof, you ask? It is astonishing.

Su-Kam customers are dotted across cities, and are but a tiny sample of Su-Kam’s big city reach – Mr. Punj Prakash is from New Delhi, Mrs. Anjali Rajendra Chaudhary from Navi Mumbai, and Mr. Jairaman Menon from Surat in Gujarat. They’ve come into the Su-Kam fold, and remain there firmly. Representing the other end of the geographical spectrum are Su-Kam customers from some smaller parts of the country – Mr. Pankaj Bansal is from Palwal, Mr. Chetan Agarwal is from Barabanki, and the owners of Manish Electronics from Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh

Together, these two customer groups tell a compelling story. One of the geographical diversity and all-round penetration that Su-Kam has achieved. From small town to the gigantic metropolis, Su-Kam is empowering India everywhere.




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